Interview Pen (Jan. ’23 - )

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Back To Back SWE (Dec. ’18 - Nov. ’20)

In November/December of 2018 I founded a software engineer interview prep company I called “Back To Back SWE” (it was/is a goal of many undergraduate students to land high-tier internships in "back to back" years).

I never wanted to start the company. I just felt compelled to because the way I processed problems from the ground-up seemed to be different from how they were being taught back to me. I felt that disconnect, & wanted to create highly-academic prep material for others to benefit from.

I ended up teaching technical interviews & Computer Science concepts to hundreds of thousands of people online, and helped thousands of engineers get jobs.

The company ended up being acquired in November 2020.

Twitter (’19 - ’22)

In 2019 I interned at Twitter as a web engineer on the team. It was my first professional programming experience and it changed the course of my career & skillset.

I learned how good very good programmers are.

I would intern again in 2020, and join fulltime in 2021.

Twitter was a turning point in my career & skillset where I solidified as a nascent web engineer. My time there gave me technical confidence & experience to spearhead through complexity in my own personal works.

Boulder, Colorado (June ’21 - December ’21)

When I graduated from the University of Maryland in May 2021 I wanted to move somewhere new to experience a new life. I ended up moving to Boulder Colorado after visiting a friend in Denver in March ’21.

Growing up on the East Coast I was not used to seeing mountains in my backyard (especially tall jagged ones). It was a beautiful place.

I bought a condo there and heavily renovated it. It was a hectic time emotionally, I took on a lot at once (especially after a semi-traumatic company exit a year ago).

I eventually decided to move back to Maryland to be close to friends & family.

I learned the value of proximity to loved ones & friends, a lot about how a home works and how to renovate, & it completely shifted my view on wealth and the lowerbound resource requirements for a happy life.

You want to minimize expensive assemblies of atoms, maximize people you love in your life, & maximize your health/fitness.

Mastering Body Composition (Dec. ’21 - Summer ’22)

After I left Twitter in January ’22 to take a yearlong sabbatical, my focus became 100% on health & fitness. It had bothered me that for my whole life I never cracked the formula for altering my body composition & aesthetics at-will. I wanted to reach a socially notable level of fitness.

I was most interested in cutting through the noise and cracking the core formula for getting exceptionally fit as a normal person.

I began lifting twice a day from January to March. In March I would move from Maryland to Washington, DC to live with my college friend Michael.

As summer kicked in I focused on losing fat while maintaining lean mass (which I had also never done successfully).

Getting fit transformed my self-esteem & how I perceive myself. I document my learnings in “Mastering Body Composition” & “Why It Is Hard To Get Fit”.