What You Can’t Buy

The most important things in life cannot be bought, they are built.

You cannot buy:

  • a close, diverse, & loving group of friends that constantly inspire you (who you genuinely enjoy spending every moment of time with)

  • a close-knit, loving family

  • high frequency of energizing & inspiring conversations

  • a loving romantic partner who you are deeply in love with

  • respect from your closest and most important peers - pertaining to your body of work, your character, etc

  • a business built with your own hands, respected by customers, competitors, peers

  • work you love - your life's work, your soul-fulfilling painting being realized

  • a fit body

  • a sound, calm, curious, maximally functioning, intelligent mind

  • high self-esteem and genuine self-love

Many important things in life can be bought:

  • shelter, clothing, food

  • means of transportation (car, etc)

  • a higher education

  • quality healthcare

  • a better life for your children

  • financial independence (providing room to ponder, flexibility to take risks and do what you love, power to mold the world for the better)

Important things in life can be bought, the most important ones cannot be bought directly. Instead, they take years and years to build.

Time, energy, sacrifice, intentionality, consciousness. Day after day, living consciously. Trying, iterating, learning.