Hi, my name is Benyam Ephrem. I am an Ethiopian-American student, programmer, designer (like a 6.3/10), and internet teacher.


Between the ages of 15-18 I had many sandbox projects where I learned the ropes of programming, the web, and creating things. I still always learn things daily.

I only list those projects which I have a dedication to see them through to their fullest potential, nothing with a half-done intention.



Computer Science in college is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Very theoretical and rigorous. Has made me much better at what I do I think.


I like to code, design, market, and do whatever is necessary to build what needs to be built.

I have daily experience in:

UI Design

Frontend Development

Server Development


Email Marketing

Designing UI’s (Figma), writing well componentized frontends (React + TypeScript), creating secure RESTful APIs (Node.js + TypeScript), managing databases (PostgreSQL + MongoDB), writing sales emails & sequences, etc.


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*I think that if you understand the fundamentals of how programming languages are constructed, programming paradigms, etc. you can learn other languages quickly (in days or a week) and all languages reduce to "tools" each built with a different design philosophy. All programmers (as well as I) have preferences that relate to their work, but I respect the purpose and intent of all languages. Each is a tool with different nuances. Knowing language APIs by heart and frameworks/language ecosystems is a whole different thing that can take months to years to master.


These are books that have had a very profound life impact on me.